U.S. Small/Mid-Cap Growth

Strategy Highlights

  • Stock selection driven by proprietary fundamental research
  • Long-only portfolio of 55 – 95 growth stocks
  • Benchmarked to the Russell 2500 Growth Index®

Investment Approach

We believe the US small/mid-cap equity market is relatively inefficient. For over two decades, Hood River has employed a process that utilizes rigorous proprietary, fundamental analysis that attempts to identify an information gap between our earnings estimates and Wall Street estimates.

  • Find the best businesses from those growing at 15%+ with market caps of $10 billion or less.
  • Build and corroborate our estimates by talking to management, customers, suppliers.
  • Identify potential research gaps by comparing our estimates to Street expectations.
  • Ensure we pay the right price by evaluating historical, peer, industry valuation.

Collective Investment Trust (CIT)

Hood River Capital Management advises a collective investment trust (CIT) for certain tax qualified pension plans, profit sharing plans, and government-sponsored entities.

For more information on this strategy and our collective investment trust capabilities, please contact us.

Administrative Contact

Maureen Flaherty
[email protected]

As a bank collective trust, the Hood River Collective Investment Trust (the “Trust”) is exempt from registration as an investment company. SEI Trust Company (the “Trustee”) serves as the Trustee of the Trust and maintains ultimate fiduciary authority over the management of, and the investments made, in the Fund. The Trustee is a trust company organized under the laws of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. The Trust is managed by SEI Trust Company, the trustee, based on the investment advice of Hood River, the investment adviser to the trust.

Hood River Capital Management offers this strategy through an advised Collective Investment Trust (CIT) and separately managed accounts.

Hood River Capital Management LLC serves as the advisor to the Fund.