Entries by Kathleen Von Schlegell

Small-Cap Growth – December 31, 2019

Stocks capped off a strong 2019 with an excellent fourth quarter, and small-cap growth stocks were among the best performers as investors shifted back to a “risk on” positioning. The Russell 2000® Growth index returned +11.4% in the quarter, and finished the year up an impressive +28.5%. The Hood River Small-Cap Growth strategy returned +9.7% […]

Small-Cap Growth – September 30, 2019

Small-cap growth stocks were weak in the third quarter, posting their first quarterly loss of the year. The Russell 2000® Growth Index returned -4.17% for the quarter. The Hood River Small-Cap Growth product returned -8.54% net of fees, underperforming the benchmark by 437 basis points (bps). Year-to-date the Hood River Small-Cap Growth portfolio was up […]