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Small-Cap Growth – September 30, 2016

Small-cap growth stocks jumped a robust 9.2% in the third quarter as investors moved past fears of Brexit-induced economic weakness and contemplated the current very low-rate environment potentially persisting. Hood River’s Small-Cap Growth Strategy posted a 15.2% net of fees return in the quarter, beating the Russell 2000® Growth Index by 594 basis points. Within […]

Small-Cap Growth – June 30, 2016

Small cap growth stocks were up a respectable 3.23% in the second quarter, although that number masks significant volatility in the quarter. Hood River’s Small Cap Growth strategy trailed the Russell 2000® Growth Index by 307 basis points (bps), rising 16 basis points net of fees in the quarter. Within the index, the biggest contributors […]

Small-Cap Growth – March 31, 2016

The first quarter was a roller-coaster ride as global equity markets sold-off sharply in January and early February on concerns of slowing global growth, plunging oil prices, and stress in credit markets. Stocks rebounded in late February and March as those concerns abated and the Fed stressed that it would take a patient approach to […]


(4/19/2016) – Brian Smoluch, portfolio manager, discusses the recent run up in small caps with a host from CNBC Asia.